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      Focus on environmental protection and devote to pollution prevention

      Provide reliable and safe product for
      the electronic industries

      Products Information

      Over the last decade, with the development of the technology and society,more and more electronic products have serviced to the human being and the modern military application.The Surface Mounting Technology and wave soldering process became more and more important in the whole assembly stream line due to the application of GSI and multilayer PCB, which need advanced solder materials and the accurate soldering guide line. The products and soldering engineers have to spend more time to study the specification of the soldering alloy, the flux properties and the soldering profile and select the more reliable solder alloy and flux.

      In order to meet the requirement of the newest electronic assembly, Zhongya (Tianjin) Electronic Solder Technology Co., Ltd try our best to develop, produce and sale the lead-free solder alloys and the flux. All of the products, such as the flux,solder paste, the flux cored solder wire, solder bar and the low/high temperature solder alloys for special application comply with the EU RoHS regulation. Our products were widely used in the manufacture of home electronics, motor electronics, lighting, military products, computer, et al.

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