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      2-10 Solder Paste Safety Data Form

      2-10-1 Company Information

      Company name

      Zhongya(Tianjin) Electronic Sloder Technology CO.,Ltd




      Xingfa Road in Balitai Industry district in Jinnan county of Tianjin



      Chemical product name

      Lead-free solder paste



      Chemical product model




      2-10-2 Indentification Ingredients

       Ingredients  CAS model   Contents   Threshold limit value
      Tin  7440-31-5   84%-87%   2.00mg/m3
      Silver  7440-22-4  <4.0%   0.01mg/m3
      Copper  7440-50-8  <1%   N/D
      Rosin   65997-05-9  3%-6%   N/D
      Thixotropic agent  Mixture  0.3%-1%   N/D
      Organic acid activator   Mixture   0.2%-1%   N/D
      Solvent  Mixed solvent   3%-5%   N/D
      Corrosion inhabitor  Mixture  0.1%-0.3%  N/D

      2-10-3 Physical and Chemical Properties

       Boiling point (℃)   260 
       Freezing point (℃)   <-10
       Melting point (℃)   217-220
       Vapor pressure (20℃)[mmHg]   0.01
       vapor density (air=1)  N.D.
       Evaporation volume percent   5
       Physical state   Paste
       Odor   Odor of polycyclic aromatics
       Color   Opaline green
       PH value   6
       Alkalinity & acidity  Sub-acidity
       Special gravity   5.0
       Evaporation rate (ether=1)   0.01
       Water solubility  unsolvable 
      Specific solvent solubility   partially solved in acetone, alcohol, etc. 

      2-10-4 Emergency Treatment

      Eye contact Flush eyes with warm water for at least 15m, and then seek for medical treatment.
      Skin contact Clean the contacted area with soap and warm water. If obvious allergic reaction emerges, go to the doctor’s.
      Swallow Drink plenty of water, and go to the doctor’s immediately.
      Inbreathe Breathe enough fresh air and have a good rest. Receive medical treatment if necessary.

      2-10-5 Fire-Extinguishment Measures

      Fire extinguisher   Carbon oxide, powder, foam
      Avoidance   water
      Special condition   The flux in the paste will be combustible over fire.  
      Protective facility . Using gas mask to keep out the noxious gas given out as the paste burning 
       Prevention  The storing site should be well ventilated and far away from fire. 
      Hazardous decomposition . CO, CO2, other noxious gas and metal vapor will be released at high temperature

      2-10-6 Prevention

      Individual prevention method   Wear protective clothing. (refer to item 7)
      Environmental protection   Avoid casting off the paste into cloaca and watercourse.
      Measure for cleaning  Collect and place the paste in garbage with label on, according to relative rules of the government.

      2-10-7 Protection

      Individual protective facilities for man 

      Eye: specific blinkers.
      Gloves: clean and impenetrable gloves.
      Other: work uniforms which should be washed separately.

      Ventilate facility  Install mighty ventilate facility to keep operation in good air condition. 
      Individual Sanitation 

      wearing blinkers
      avoid direct skin contact
      wash hand after operation and before dinner

      Others  physical examination regularly for operators 

      2-10-8 Operation and Storage


      Wear protective gloves in operation. Operation is carried out in well-ventilated circumstances.
      Smoking and eating are prohibited in operation. Be careful for inbreathing any gas during the operation. Tighten the cap when the solder paste is not in use.


      The product should be stored in a well-ventilated and cold (0-10oC) place, away from fires, heat sources and food. Please refer to the instructions for more information.

      2-10-9 Stability and Reactivity Data

      Stability  Stable 
      Conditions to avoid  Keep in cool dry place and avoid alkaline, acid, direct sunlight and extensive heat.
      Hazardous polymerization  N.D.
      Decomposition   Noxious over 180℃ 
      Materials to avoid  Materials of acidity ,alkalinity and oxidizability 

      2-10-10 Toxicity Data

      Toxicity  Innoxious
      Irritation  Eye and skin irritant
      Allergy  Contacting and inbreathing will cause sensitivity 
      Specific Effect  N.D. 

      2-10-11 Environment Data

      The organic compounds of the product have slight biodegradability. Great care should be taken of the materials released under the affection of oxidizer and acidity.

      2-10-12 Waste Disposal

      Reclaim the waste, according to relative state regulations.

      2-10-13 Transportation Data

      International transportation regulation N.D. 
      Serial number of the Union N.D. 
      Internal transportation regulation  N.D. 
      Specific transport methods and cautions  N.D. 

      2-10-14 Laws and Regulations

      Relative laws and regulations  
      Hazardous materials of Fire Control Law Fire Control Law 
      Safety and health law Occupational disease prevention law
      Waste disposal regulations  Regulations on operating with hazardous materials 

      2-10-15 Additional

      The data in this form can only be applicable for this product and only for industrial use. Please read this form carefully before operation.

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